What to Bring

Packing Checklist
◘ Alarm Clock
◘ Lightweight hiking boots or sneakers (must bring closed toed shoes)
◘ Lightweight pants for evening and testing day (helps with mosquitoes & ticks)
◘ Lightweight shorts for day time if desired (not training/test days)
◘ State/Provincial Shirt (you will need to wear there 2 days- bring a second shirt if possible)
◘ Socks
◘ Underwear
◘ Hat
◘ Jacket/Sweater
◘ Rain Gear
◘ Sunglasses
◘ Extra towel/facecloth
◘ Insect repellent
◘ Sunblock
◘ Flashlight & batteries
◘ Reusable water bottle
◘ Daypack
◘ Health card & other medical information
◘ Prescribed and over the counter medicine as required
◘ Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, personal hygiene items)
◘ Camera
◘ Items for trading session
◘ Phone
◘ Knives, guns, hatchets, or other dangerous items
◘ Valuable items like jewelry, good clothes, large sums of money
◘ Cigarettes (Facilities at Mount St. Mary’s University are non-smoking)
◘ Matches or lighters
◘ Alcohol or drugs

Dress Code:

Maryland weather is warm in the summer, and there can be lots of ticks and mosquitos so dress appropriately.

Maryland Envirothon will provide each student and advisor with a Presentation Shirt, but please be sure to bring a back up shirt that does not have any indicator of where your team is from (school, city, state, etc.)